Covers are elusive. Much like the "perfect 10" woman, who loves you for your flaws, doesn't mind your stinky shoes, and is a gourmet chef in the kitchen; cover trucks can sometimes be mythical. Whereas, women are one of our greatest gifts, cover trucks can sometimes be our biggest pains. Money, time, frustration, and just getting the darn thing done are the usual suspects involved. Ricky Holly of Houston found his perfect 10 in his wife Sherrie, and when it came time to build his next cover truck, a classic Chevy would fulfill his love of building custom rides. Tracking down a pretty decent '71 C10, Ricky began the search for shops in the area that could bring his newest purchase from bucket to beauty. Talking with Ray at Mind to Metal in Houston, a full build was in order and the sparks immediately began to fly. Starting with 2x4-inch 1/4-inch steel, Ray bent up framerails to make the body rest firmly on the ground. Up front, Western 2-inch drop spindles were bolted onto the custom tubular upper and lower A-arms with horizontal hot-rod styled shocks. After everything was fabricated, each piece was meticulously chromed or painted. Mounted to the spindles are 14-inch SSBC big brakes, front and rear. A Flaming River rack and pinion controls the steering, while Slam Specialties airbags with GC450 valves and Viair compressors provide the air control. The wheels of choice for the front of the C10 were Bonspeed Intense 22x8-1/2-inch billet hoops with Toyo 265/35R22 high-performance tires keeping them protected.

Out back, Ray at Mind to Metal went crazy with the welder and created a custom four-link cantilever airbag setup. Slam Specialties 'bags were once again used in the rear, along with identical GC 450 1/2-inch valves. A 15-gallon fuel cell was welded together and wedged in between the framerails. Chrome air tanks add good looks to the painted and chromed suspension pieces. Rear wheels are matching Bonspeed Intense, only this time sized 24x10 inches, with larger 295/30R24 Toyo tires. The look and function of the rear suspension is down right awesome. Of course, going up and down is only part of the fun with this truck. Going fast is also easy to do.