Hill's Hot Rods is known for truck bodywork and Scott's C10 doesn't disappoint. LMC Trucks was used for the new steel body panels, including the doors, fenders, bedsides, and tailgate. Gone are the door handles, cab seams, marker lights, stake pockets, and the tailgate was smoothed and welded shut. The '91 Suburban front grille shell and headlights freshen up the '84 body, while the custom flush C10 taillights add to the wild side. Auto Air Colors were then mixed and sprayed to the arrow-straight surface, including silver, blue, green, with flames, water effects, shadows, and graphics. A Gaylord's XP-2000 lid keeps the bed area covered.

Inside the `84's doors lies a gray Katzkin-leather-covered interior, built by Fisher Trim and Jimmy Davis at Vision Audio. The '62 C10 steel dash has blue-tinted gauges, serves as the mounting point for the custom center console, and is the backdrop for the one-off billet wheel by BAD. Jimmy Davis hid all of the window switches and air ride controls, and then placed the radio controls in the center console. JL Audio amps mounted in between the Suburban seats power the JL Audio components in the custom door panels and the JL Audio sub in the custom enclosure behind the seat. Vision Audio is responsible for the clean audio work.

From almost a goner to a truck Scott is completely proud of, this C10 had a real adventure. Scott is quick to thank his wife Aimee, sons Tyler and Trevor, and the talented people who helped him to achieve his dream truck.