How many high school auto shop projects have you seen come out looking like this cool two-tone green and black '65 Ford Econoline pickup?

Yes, the auto shop students of Mr. Dennis Stewart's class at Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, completed this unique Econoline in only two years. People say that students in a class are a reflection of their teacher. Well then, Mr. Stewart deserves to be "Teacher of the Year", after getting his students involved in "Project 2B Different." Each of the students should receive outstanding achievement awards for their incredible effort. While returning from the Goodguys Show in Columbus in 2006, Mr. Henderson noticed two '65 Ford Econoline COE pickup rust buckets basking in the sun near Massena, New York. He stopped just for curiosity sake. The next thing he knew he was signing pink slips and handing over $400 for both.

When the students arrived in September of '06 Mr. Henderson presented them with a major challenge. He told them they were going to build an awesome Ford Econoline wheel-standing diesel-powered pickup that would be a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Of course none of Mr. Henderson's students were even born in 1965 and you can image some of the comments uttered under their breaths. But this project was to be taken seriously and class after class worked hard to create this nice ride.

The foundation of the Econoline is a 2x4-inch boxed frame that was C-notched in the rear to allow the lowered rear end housing to clear during negative suspension travel. The front suspension uses only one leaf spring per side and is raised and lowered by a pair of Contitech 2600 lb air springs and aided by a pair of Monroe gas shocks. The rear suspension was also lowered by removing some leaf springs and inserting a pair of 2600 lb Air Ride Technologies airbags. A 10-switch control box allows the operator to oscillate the pneumatic suspension eight ways. A Morrison ladder bar setup was installed creating stability for the rear end. A set of Wilwood disc brakes with four-piston calipers and 14-inch ball milled and cross-drilled rotors were installed. A set of American Racing polished aluminum Torque Thrust II wheels sized 17x8 inches up front and 20x10 inches in the rear are wrapped with P235/50R17 front and P295/45R20 rear tires.