When Nathan Wimmer from Princeton, West Virginia, bought his '98 Chevy S-10 Stepside back in May '01, he didn't have any idea he would take it to this level. What originally started out as a daily-driver, somehow wound up becoming the daily "dragger" you see here. After driving his truck around stock for a while, the custom bug bit so he decided to go all out while keeping the dime simple enough to drive everyday.

First thing to do was to get rid of the stock suspension. This was accomplished with the use of Belltech spindles up front and Suicide Doors four-link in the rear. Nathan also added Firestone 'bags on all four corners using 2500s up front and 2600s in the rear. Of course the rear frame section was notched to allow better axle clearance. Once the suspension was done, he bolted on a set of 18-inch Boyd Coddington Smoothy II wheels wrapped in a set of P215/35R18 Nankang tires.

While the interior was stripped out to allow the graphics to run into the doorjambs, Nathan took this time to get the interior up to par with the new paintjob. Most of the interior panels were wrapped in purple tweed and tan vinyl. The stock seats were thrown out for a new set of Oldsmobile Bravada buckets. The door panels, headliner and seats all had flames sculpted into them before the material was put on. Allen Norwood from Athens, West Virginia, performed all of the trim work. Some of the dash pieces were painted with the same purple as the exterior as well. The stock steering wheel was swapped out in favor of a new Billet Specialties wheel and the gauges were treated to a flame job with a layer of tint on the plastic cover to darken the lights at night. Nathan also had three layers of 15 percent tint laid on the sides and back windows and a good chunk of the front windshield.

Next, Nathan took the truck to the paint shop for a little bit of cleanup for the exterior. Before he dropped the truck off, he ordered and installed a Street Scene front bumper cover, step savers, and a roll pan for the rear of the truck. Chris Sizemore owned the shop he chose to do all the custom paintwork based in Bluefield, West Virginia. Before any paint was sprayed, the tailgate handle and the hood squirters were shaved to cleanup the body a little bit. The bulk of the truck was sprayed with a purple base. On top of that, 28 colors were laid down in various patterns; some tribal lines, some flames, some diamond plate, and several airbrushed details. Once the paintwork was done, Nathan bolted on a JBM grille and APC taillights.