Beginning in late '06, Project Sinatra got off to a quick start going from lifted to lowered and ditching the old paint for new color by Spring of '07. What started out as a minor update turned into a full-blown truck project as more and more ideas were thrown around. Before I knew it, the '01 Ford SuperCrew we dubbed as the "Super Pooper" because of its beat appearance, went from neglected parts chaser to show truck daily driver in the blink of an eye. The theme of the truck was luxury, as we tried to turn our Ford into a luxurious yet still sport truck that could compete with the Lincoln LT. You've seen the stories and followed along with the buildup, now check out the truck in its 15 minutes of fame.

Our build started with the guys at MIC in Chino Hills, California, bringing the truck down over 8 inches from its lifted appearance. While at MIC, a new Belltech suspension complete with 2-inch drop spindles, modified coil springs, new shocks, front and rear sway bars, and a hangar/shackle combo was bolted on. New Energy Suspension bushings ensure the truck handles its best at all times. Providing the large rolling stock are 24-inch Giovanna Merano wheels with color-matched center caps and 285/35R24 Pirelli tires. To stop the big wheels, we added a set of SSBC Force 10 big brakes that measure out to 14 inches with 4-piston calipers. The F-150 stops better now than ever before. That was just the beginning. Once the truck was rolling right, we couldn't wait to ditch the '80s paint scheme.

We drove over to Lake Forest, California, where South County Customs calls home and spoke with Max Gilmore about making the Ford look more luxurious. Bouncing ideas back and forth, we opted to go with one bold color. Before any paint was applied, an '03 Lincoln Navigator conversion from VIS Racing was installed. With the carbon fiber fenders, carbon fiber hood, and factory bumper, we were certain the truck would look luxurious. The crew also shaved the rear tailgate handle to make the tailgate smooth, shaved the door handles, and installed the SPAL door poppers and parking aids. Once the truck rolled out of the South County Customs paint booth, the F-150 looked stunning in PPG Vibrance Midnight Sapphire Blue. It was then ready for the Strut wire mesh grille, 8,000K HID kit, and Matrix LED taillights from Sport Truck Direct. Attention was then paid to the bed where Vortex applied its protective bed coating and we topped that off with a Bed Rug for the top-of-the-line look. No truck is complete without an inviting interior and our project truck is no exception.