Imagine a regular cab truck and you'll probably conjure up one of two images. Either you'll picture a stripped-down cheapo work truck, or a mean factory muscle truck like a Lightning or SRT-10, but odds are you won't think of a personal luxury cruiser. Nick Accaro initially went the hot-rod route with some flashy flame graphics, but after his '02 Ram was stolen and then recovered, he decided to, "change it up a little bit."

For the right pavement-hugging stance, Nick turned to Duck at D.I.B. Customs in Houma, Louisiana, where the Ram's front suspension got a set of drop spindles, tubular control arms, and a pair of 26C Firestone 'bags. The rear of the Ram's frame was notched to clear the axle, and a four-link was welded and bolted in to allow for plenty of articulation, with the help of another set of 26C Firestone 'bags. When the sparks settled, Nick had plenty of room for his 24-inch KMC Maven wheels, especially after the rear axle was narrowed two inches per side.

With the suspension ready, Chris Amato tore into the body and removed the door handles, gas filler door, and tailgate handle. A Sir Michael's roll pan tidied up the rear of the truck, and a Street Scene bumper cover finished up the front along with a matching Street Scene Speed Grille. Inside the bed, new wheelwells were formed and a driveline tunnel was added to the forward portion of the bed to eliminate interference. Putting the welder aside, the focus shifted to giving the Ram a fresh coat of Cyber Green paint over the entire body and most of the interior, along with a light coat on the taillights.