Since the stock ride height just wouldn't do, Alejandro turned to Chassis by Aaron, in Covina, California, for a custom suspension. Aaron Iha is known for creating some of the best and lowest truck suspensions out there, so the Titan's lifted attitude was out of the ordinary, but still no problem. Four Firestone airbags allow the 37x13.5-inch Toyo rubber to clear even when aired down, and tower the truck over most anything else when aired up. The three-link rear suspension uses a Y-bar on the bottom to center the rear axle and allow for plenty of rear travel.

We weren't kidding when we said that Alejandro was itching to get his Titan another interior refresh. The next time we see his interior we might not recognize it. In addition to those that directly helped transform his truck, Alejandro wanted to give special thanks to his girlfriend, Mayra Hernandez, his aunt, Laura Romero, and his mother, Gaudalupe Romero.