At first glance, this truck may not overwhelm you. If not, the team at Chassis By Aaron have completed their mission. This truck build was designed from the first CAD drawing to dominate fullsize Chevy trucks without standing on a soapbox to do it. Clean, mild, and elegant may come to mind, but under all of the niceties is a truck begging to be driven hard. Showcasing the talent of shop owner and truck builder Aaron Iha, this truck does everything at an exceptional level. Subtlety is the name of this game, but be careful when looking too hard as this truck may leave you scratching your head.

Carey Crews is a business man who knows what he wants. When it came time to own a radical yet simple fullsize truck, he went to his local Chevy dealer, picked up a new '07 Silverado and with only 26 miles on the odometer drove it straight to Chassis By Aaron. Upon arriving at the shop, Carey and Aaron began discussing the customization process and the overall goal of the build. Carey was quick to turn the reins over to Aaron and let him run wild with the truck. The end result would leave both men feeling accomplished.

Aaron went to work doing the preliminary build process including working up a CAD drawing on the computer of a full frame, list of parts needed, and of course, contacting the World's Leading Truck Publication. What materialized on his computer screen was a frame that was made out of CNC 3x4-inch boxed 3/16-inch thick steel with beautiful crossmembers that would allow Aaron to reuse the factory control arms, aiding in ride quality and alignment. What really stood out was the wild rear three-link suspension setup comprised of rails that go underneath the axle giving the rearend a floating look. With the details ironed out, the welders were warmed up and sparks began to fly. The end result was even better than on screen and several parts were chromed, the entire frame powdercoated, and the chromed rear three-link with reversed wishbone turned out amazing. Other custom touches included using 1/4-inch stainless steel tubing for the air suspension, brake lines, and crafting an aluminum fuel cell. Mac Springs supplied the Contitech airbags, KYB shocks were used up front, chromed Chassis Tech shocks were bolted onto the rear, and ASCO valves were used front and rear to adjust the air from the Air Zenith compressors. A subtle yet very custom touch was the mounting of the air switches on the driver seat where the power seat adjustments once resided. The look is factory and selecting the ride height couldn't get much easier.