Early model '40 Ford pickups have been popular among truck enthusiast for decades, whether restored to original glory or built into a mild custom, they have always carried the Ford Blue Oval proudly. Today we enjoy so many wild custom early model trucks at shows we start taking them for granted. While attending the Labor Day Show and Shine at the Orange County Fairgrounds, my eyes came across Randy Palmer's '40 Ford Downs-bodied pickup.

The hood was up exposing the Chevy 355ci small-block Chevy with NASCAR 18-degree, ported and polished aluminum cylinder heads. The engine was built to NASCAR specs by engine builder Tom Usher from Broadway, North Carolina. The 671 BDS blower doghouse is capped with a Shotgun scoop that allows the engine to be run at 6-10 pounds of boost at 10 percent under driven. The stainless steel custom headers and 3-inch diameter exhaust received Jet Hot coating and are muffled by a pair ofFlowmasters. The mighty Bow Tie produces 825 hp and 700 lb-ft of neck-snapping torque. An aluminum bell housing was machined by Weird Hot Rod Products to house the aluminum M.G.M. lightened flywheel. The Tremec manual six-speed transmission and clutch assembly were assembled by Ram Performance. A narrowed Ford 9-inch rearend was stuffed with 4.88.1 Richmond gears and a Richmond posi-unit. With this much power on hand, it's no wonder why Randy's '40 looks fast sitting still.