The striking razor-sharp lines of the first generation Chevy S-10 have remained fine-edged ever since its '82 debut. As the calendar pages have been flipped well past the S-10's silver anniversary and considering that GM placed the species into retirement, maybe it's about time to consider naming the Chevy square an official classic mini-truck. Too soon? This may very well be, but there is no denying that it definitely has a reservation in the pickup hall of fame.

Others seem to think equally as high of the first generation S-10, specifically Sam Harper III. His sharp two-tone '85 dime, which has claimed more than forty trophies and plaques throughout its show career and is an eight-time winner at the Indy Truck Bash. In fact, we were stopped dead in our tracks by Sam's Chevy while truckin' along on location at the '08 ITB show. With a winning record like that it is no wonder why spectators were hovering around the truck like flies drawn to...well, needless to say, this S-10 was a rather popular attraction over the three-day event.

One reason why so many mini lovers have fallen head over shoelaces for Sam's dime piece is its simplicity. The truck is an absolute knockout and stays true to necessity over gluttony. The Chevy's low, relaxed stance, for instance, is achieved with Belltech 2-inch drop spindles and a Firestone 2,600-pound 'bag at each front corner while two 2,500-pound air springs properly position the rearend. The rear two-link setup has beencovered but not forgotten as it has been sunken underneath the factory bed floor, which has been raised a few inches - one of Sam's personal favorite alterations. Of course, the 21/2-inch body drop made achieving such an incredible, unnoticeable attribute easier to pull off. Sam was able to squeeze a set of 20x8.5-inch Boyd Magneto wheels with front Nitto 235/35/20 and rear 245/35/20 treaded companions underneath the impressive suspension work. Drooling yet?