Just in case you are, grab a hanky and we'll skip the interior for the moment for obvious reasons. Sam drove the truck around for a while before he finally got around to rocking the two-tone paint scheme. The DuPont Prowler Orange and Matrix Andromeda Silver color combo complement each other nicely, giving the truck undeniable appeal. The S-10 received a nice helping of body modifications in the way of shaved fenders, wiper cowl, and a '91 grille shell insert and molded roll pan. Other than that, Sam allowed the truck to speak for itself. And what a tune it carries! Now, if there are no more salivary cases to speak of, it's about that time of the story to take a peek inside the cab.

Upon opening the S-10's doors for closer inspection, it's apparent that Sam had a theme that was exclusive to the inside of his cockpit - flames and skulls. The seats, door panels, center console, steering wheel have all been graced with stiffs and licks of some sort! The paint scheme from the truck's exterior skin was pulled into the cab for the sake of consistency. There are even more cranial creeps and fire to be found on Sam's truck. Look closely and pay attention to the details.

A quick walk to the front of the truck yields an eyeful once the hood is popped open. The front, inner fenders and K&N air cleaner cover complete the S-10's subdued tribute to the occult. Sam had the block of his '91 2.8L engine transplant cleaned and painted to complete the dime's visual charm that is guaranteed from any angle.

And speaking of angles, Sam pulled every string attached to his helpful father and understanding wife, to get his S-10 in pristine condition. Night after night, the missus must have had to sit through bouts of Sam's scheming and plans to pour even more funds into the straight-edged Chevy. Afternoons were spent in the garage with dear old dad as the truck was slowly but surely getting prepared for the '08 show season, which consisted of only the ITB event. Sam definitely knows how to make his presence known.