It's always refreshing to hear that a show truck has been built by its owner with one goal in mind - personal enjoyment. A no-strings-attached experience guarantees that a good time is had by all, and since this is a family magazine, we'll apply this little pearl of wisdom to Jose Valdez's '01 Ford F-150 Super Crew. Sorry to get your hopes up fellas but over the next few pages, we will be discussing a truck and not a random rendezvous, although the combination of the two would make for an intriguing story. However, for the sake of staying on topic and keeping our PG-13 rating, let's try giving the truck a second chance and take a closer inspection.

The Ford's cab was transformed into a veritable buffet for the senses, which was a feast that initially captured our interest. Aside from the leather covered Harley Davidson bucket seats, which were stitched by Arjonas Upholstery in Pasadena, Texas, there are enough inches of video monitors inside of the F-150 to illuminate a large living room. The dash has been given a dose of custom fiberglass, with a 10-inch screen sunk between the two center air vents and a Pioneer deck with a built-in 7-inch screen also provides a display just below eye level. Now, can you guess where Jose decided to stash a 42-inch Hitachi television? Nope, the entire dashboard does not completely flip around and no, there is nothing hidden behind the rear seats. Aim your eyes at the sky. A huge hunk of headliner has been thrown out to make room for the high definition ceiling. We're still trying to figure out where the optimum viewing position is. Any ideas ladies? Whoa, the R-rating alarm just went crazy - apologies.

To get the video feed to sound as good as it looks, KustomAuto in Houston, was called upon to wire a Punch 800 amplifier to the Boston Acoustics mids and highs, and another two Punch 800s to the two 12-inch Punch K1 subwoofers located in the rear center console. Three Optima batteries were required to keep every screen and speaker juiced, but that's not too surprising considering the amount of electronics that litter the cab.