Now that the cavernous interior has been thoroughly explored, its time to check out what makes this truck's exterior so special. Ruiz Customs in Houston, Texas, spotted an '04 Ford Expedition clip, filled it with billet, and grafted it onto theF-series hauler. LED lighting brightens up the rear as two lines of bright-red bulbs shine from the molded roll pan. With some unique cosmetic work done, the only other way to really get noticed is to add a custom suspension, and that's exactly how Jose felt about the matter.

Armando Noriega from Mando's Drop Shop in Houston, Texas, shortened the F-150's stance by C-notching the rear frame, and bolting up a set of custom control arms in the front. Firestone 'bags were installed at each corner as were KYB shocks. A set of DUB Dirty Dogs 24x10-inch wheels were surrounded with Kumho 265/30R24 rubber and mounted to the newly tricked out pickup.

As a member of Texas truck club Ground Zero, Jose took advantage of the encouraging atmosphere that his fellow club members provide as most of them have simultaneous projects in the works. Fresh ideas and the scent of freshly cut frames fill the air constantly for the guys at Ground Zero and Jose's green Blue Oval machine is certainly a product of its environment.