During our local jaunts around town, there is usually at least one idle, old truck that we spot and pass by every day. If you are anything like the rest of us on the Truckin' staff, scheming a plot to take ownership of that neglected vehicle is the fist thing that comes to mind. Matt Peace, from Tyler, Texas, can certainly agree with us because that is exactly how he was able to get his hands on this beauty of a '55 Ford F-100. Matt actually waited an entire year before he offered the previous owner a fat wad of cash for his truck. To Matt's surprise, his stack of green backs was accepted and once he got the Ford into his garage he was taken aback by yet another unexpected change of events. Rust-lots of it! Getting rid of it before the truck was sent for paint and bodywork at Hill's Hot Rods, in Lubbock, Texas, was one of the largest headaches Matt has ever suffered through. Luckily, the corrosion wasn't of fatal proportions and on continued the process of resurrecting a classic truck that would storm the custom truck scene like an eye of a hurricane.

Getting the chassis in order was first on Matt's agenda. The frame received enough TLC to make even a newborn baby jealous. Ford Explorer spindles were used in place of aftermarket drop components, which definitely shows Matt's deep appreciation for FoMoCo. Firestone 'bags were mounted to the factory coil locations and QA1 billet shocks were thrown into the mix for optimum bump absorption. The F-100's proud, new owner constructed a custom three-link rear setup that has, along with the rest of the frame, been smoothed and painted to match the red and grey exterior. A pair of 20x81/2-inch Billet Accessories Direct Gunslinger wheels take residence up front, while a 20x111/2-inch duo tuck comfortably underneath the widened, rear fenders. Hankook Ventus 255/35R20 and 275/35R20 donuts provide excellent road contact to the forward and posterior rollers, respectively. Now that Matt found himself staring at a rolling chassis deserving of much praise, it was time to figure out how to put it in motion.