Love can be simply defined as unselfishly and consistently placing someone else's needs before your own. Being a father changes a man. Love that was never known before suddenly erupts when the eyes of your child lock onto you. That kind of love isn't always talked about at a truck show, hot-rod get-together, or inside your garage as you're wrenching on your ride. Ren Robinson, of American Canyon, California, loves his son Chris and if that doesn't make you like him, the story of Chris' truck build surely will.

Chris was diagnosed early on with a rare visual impairment due to damaged nerves in the back of his neck. Because of this, Chris will never be able to drive. It's a shame, because when most kids were hiding adult magazines under their mattresses, Chris was sneaking Truckin' into school to read during class. He can't get enough of the custom truck scene: shows, cruises, get-togethers, he loves all the aspects. With such a dedication, Ren knew he had to do something special for his only son. And special is what he did.

For Chris' high school graduation gift, Ren unveiled a fully custom '97 GMC Sierra that was nice enough to grace the cover of the Robinson family's favorite truck magazine. Now when Chris is riding shotgun, he can hit the switches and throw sparks up and down the wine country. A father's love never ends.

The truck build began in May '06 when a pieced-together '97 GMC was purchased. As a fanatical member of AcrophobiA (AA) truck club, Ren immediately picked up the phone and contacted fellow AA member Eli Barro, of Ceres, California, who owns Air Concepts. Ren and Eli discussed a game plan to put the GMC on the pavement while updating the look with a new front end. Eli wasted little time getting the welders out as the factory frame was modified by using 2x4-inch box steel to create a stock-floor body drop. With Belltech drop spindles, Air Ride Technologies Strong Arms, and Slam Specialties airbags, the GMC sat nice and low. Out back, a KP Components six-link and KP Watts linkage bring the GMC down low with help from the Slam Specialties 'bags. This stance was low enough as Eli let the air out of the 'bags and the '98 GMC extended cab was literally on the ground. A different cab was used because the '97 cab wasn't in as good of shape as the guys had hoped. Stuffed inside each fender are 22x81/2-inch Intro Vista II Twisted 5 wheels wrapped in Pirelli 265/35R22 tires. The overall look was just what the Robinson crew was hoping for, but the '97 GMC front end didn't have them jumping with excitement. Eli went back and grabbed his welder and got to work.