Formula For T.O.T.Y. Points
For our Truck of the Year testing, we looked at six key areas for scoring, including: overall exterior styling/body panel fitment, interior ergonomics/style, power/drivetrain, ride and handling, audio and navigation quality, and even detail areas like comfort and support of the seats. Each category was weighed for importance and the scores tallied. Here you can see how each editor broke down each truck and the overall scores of the trucks.

Truckin's Best Of '09
Besides our calculated points system, we also have our subjective favorites and in no particular order, here is what we determined to be the Best of '09.

Best Engine Dodge Ram
Best MPG GMC Sierra
Best Interior Ford F-150
Best Body Styling Dodge Ram
Best Leg room Toyota Tundra Crew Max
Best Audio Ford F-150
Best Off-Road Toyota Tundra
Best New Gadget Ford F-150 SYNC