The six-speed automatic transmission gave some new life to the 5.4L, and definitely helped when towing, but the competition has really been aggressive in offering high-power V-8s that leave the F-150 behind. The F-150 has the highest payload and tow ratings, but who'd want to pull 11,000 pounds with it? It's just too heavy of a truck for the 5.4L. Fuel mileage was average, but we expected more with the new tranny. If Ford debuts some new powertrains in the F-150 then it will be a contender, but we were blown away with the HEMI, i-Force, and Endurance, while the Triton left us wanting more. Two extra cogs make a huge difference but combine that with 70 more horses and might be handing over the hardware.

Ford improved an already capable and solid platform, upgraded the interior to an even higher luxury, and breathed new life into its drivetrain with two extra gears but after 1,500 miles of testing, the F-150 fell short in the same area it has been struggling in for 5 years, power.

* Larger SuperCrew cab
* Six-speed tranny
* Quiet as a vault
* SYNC is more than impressive

* 5.4L still lacking
* Uncomfortable front seats
* Lack of telescopic steering wheel