The Titan's debut was a huge move on Nissan's part, and a great 1st effort at a fullsize, it just got outclassed by this year's field of recently-improved trucks. We still have the same love it/hate it feelings that we've always had with the Titan: great powertrain, capable off-road, excellent steering response, but an interior that is two generations behind the competition. That's not to say that the Titan isn't a good truck, it's just that we, and most truck buyers, have come to demand more refinement. We've commented before that the previous generation Dodge Ram was the most "truck-like", but it seems that Nissan might have taken the title. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The Titan is a truck. No frills, nothing real fancy, just a work hard, play hard truck. If you want a no-nonsense truck that lives for the weekend, the Titan deserves a drive.

* The 5.6L V-8 is a beast!
* Fewer electronic nannies
* Confident off-road
* It's loud!

* We'll say it again, the interior plastics
* Fuel economy
* Needs beefier brakes to back up the big tires
* It's loud!