Here are the Top 10 trucks, and two honorable mentions, we can't stop thinking about from 2008. Stuck in our brains, these trucks are the best of the best. Every truck that makes it into Truckin' is special, but these, well, these are the trucks that make you lie awake at night and dream of ideas for your own project. Take a minute to look over these selections and log on to and vote for the Best Truck of Truckin'.

Joel Sadenwasser, Escondido, California
Issue 3, Page 162
As our top mini-truck from '08, Joel "Gromit" Sadenwasser's '99 Tacoma is literally in a league of its own. Airbrushed from side-to-side, top-to-bottom, and front-to-back, the body work (including chop top, suicide doors, and custom bed) and paint are remarkable. Combing the tattoo style airbrush work with a slammed stance and 18- and 20-inch wheels, you can see why this Tacoma is so sick. The interior is hard to forget as well, with a custom dash, insane audio system, and killer paint throughout. It may be a mini, but it has fullsize mods done to it.

Amir Rosenbaum, Ontario, California
Issue 6, Page 74
Certain trucks just make you scratch your head and wonder "how did they do that?" Built by Chassis By Aaron Iha, this '04 Chevy dualie has everything. Clean two-tone paint, beautiful and classy leather interior, and big 22-inch wheels. Speaking of wheels, you may notice there are 10 of them. The double-dualie rear was designed by Aaron and each axle has its own four-link and airbag system. An airbag-equipped four-link also lifts the bed to showcase the USA 6x6 transfer case and custom-built back-half that lays on the ground. In case Amir has the urge to go fast, a blown 8.1L with a custom Spectre intake will make getting up to speed a breeze. Big, 'bagged, and blown, this beast is one to remember.

Carroll Smith, Pasadena, Texas
Issue 4, Page 193
Quite possibly the most beautiful '48 Chevy 3100 ever, 'Condundrum' as it's called by its owner is a breathtaking example of what can be done with sheetmetal and talent. Pinkee's Rod Shop in Windsor, Colorado, transformed the Chevy's body into a sleek rolling work of art. The list of modifications are too extensive to list, so please go back and take a look at the story. Besides the body, the Chevy also has an LT5 under the hood, awesome airbagged suspension, and one-off interior featuring many brushed aluminum pieces. A truck that had our jaws on the ground the second we saw, still to this day we can't get over the beauty and creativity of Carroll's driver.