Ruben was once again called on at Auto Sound Specialist to add a complete Arc Audio sound system inside the dualie. In went an Arc Audio Robert Zeff Signature Edition 4200 amp to power the three 12-inch Arc Audio Flatline subs in a pass-through sub box in the bed. The ground-shaking bass is balanced by the three sets of Arc Audio 6000 components powered by an Arc Audio Robert Zeff Signature Edition 2300 amplifier. Keeping everything sounding pristine is an Arc Audio XEQ equalizer and an Eclipse 5435 head unit. Visual entertainment is courtesy of a 22-inch NESA monitor in the bed, 17-inch NESA monitor in the headliner and two headrest monitors. While he was at it, Ruben also molded in a rearview camera into the third brake light to make sure the fun could easily be seen on all the screens. All in all, Auto Sound Specialists created a beast of a system-just what David wanted.

The only thing remaining to make David's beast of a truck complete was a set of rollers. After contacting East Bayz Customs, a set of 22-inch Diesel Wheels Revenge wheels were ordered and mounted inside Nexen tires. It was now official, David was riding in style and winning shows at the same time. To help ensure the truck looked its best for our photo shoot, David had the talented team at Mother's Polish perform a thorough buff and polish on the huge rig. No man does it on his own and David is quick to thank his wife Angela, daughters Andrea and Stephanie, brother Jimmy, Josh for the paint, Kenny for seeing the project through, and Ruben for all of the hard work.