"I built this truck the way I wanted, with what I thought would look good." Words most custom truck owners say but can't get away with because of an inconsistency in the overall look of their ride. Kurt Grimes, of Clovis, California, wasn't worried about building a truck that people liked or disliked, he wanted to create a classy, clean, and exciting Chevy that would showcase what his paint shop was capable of and also what a difference some well-spent attention could make on a late model truck. The end result was an '07 Chevrolet Silverado Classic that people see, scratch their heads, and then quickly appreciate. We were amongst the fanfare and can't find a flaw in the Chevy. Take a look for yourself and then start taking notes.

Kurt's first truck was also shot for Truckin', back in the late '70s, but never appeared in the magazine. Laughing while talking to us, he said he's been a part of the custom truck scene his entire life. This helps explains why he left no stone unturned when customizing his Silverado. Built twice in one year with long nights spent fine-tuning every aspect, Kurt's truck proves that you can build a truck to drive and still end up on the cover of the World's Leading Truck Publication. Here is the story on this awesome ride.

Purchased new in August of '06, Kurt planned on adding some things to help it stand out from the crowd of Chevy trucks, but as the cash started flowing, so did the ideas and the snowball began rolling. Starting with the suspension, Kurt opted to lower the truck instead of 'bagging it, because as he says "I drive the truck 100 miles every day to work and wanted it to be reliable." With that in mind, PPC Customs, also located in Clovis, went to work installing the McGaughy's drop spindles, springs, shocks, and rear leaf springs. PPC Customs also added the huge Wilwood 16-inch six-piston brake setup in the front and then converted the rear setup to large Wilwood discs as well. The rear axle had to be narrowed 3 inches and new Moser axles were installed, as were chrome CalTracs to ensure the power reaches the ground at all times. Sierra Gear 3.73 gears and an Eaton posi unit keep those tires spinning. Rubber meets the pavement via Continental tires, sized 305/40R22 in the rear and 265/35R22 up front. Adding to the performance look were Bonspeed Delta polished billet wheels. Kurt's truck now had the look of performance, but looks don't make your truck fast. To remedy this, a call to Magnuson was made.