Under the four-piece, split-V-folding hood is a Chevy 350ci V-8 engine wedged between the framerails. The engine was machined and assembled by the crew at Smeding Performance in Rancho Cordova, California. A pair of Dart Performance 2.02 intake/1.60 exhaust aluminum heads were bolted on to the Bow Tie block. A dual roller timing set, along with roller rocker arms coordinate the crankshaft and roller camshaft to the rotating valve assembly. The Pertronix ignition system and Flame Thrower coil produces the electrical juices that are pulsated through the 8mm MSD ignition wires. A pair of Edelbrock 650-cfm carburetors and a Wieand 6-71 roots-style supercharger force-feed the mighty 350 engine that produces over 600 hp. A Turbo 400 automatic transmission was opened up then stuffed with all the right clutches, bands, gears, and servo and valvebody goodies. The engine rpm is synchronized with the 400 automatic trans by a 2,500-stall converter. A 3-inch diameter driveshaft links the horsepower to the Currie rearend. A par of ceramic coated headers collect into a 2-inch diameter exhaust that flows into a pair of MagnaFlow mufflers.

The all-steel '39 cab, fenders, hood, and bed were discovered in pretty good condition. Randy had the stock grille reworked then chromed. The original headlight bullets contain new AutoNik seven-inch round classic headlights with turn indicators. The stock door handles and front bumper were sent out and re-chromed. The crank-out windshield helps vent the cab during some of the hot summer San Joaquin days. The smoothed running boards were acquired from Iron Station in North Carolina. Randy wanted a unique high-quality custom bed made and he knew the crew at Hank's in Herald, California, would not disappoint him. The entire bodywork, and paint preparation was done at Stoker's in Ripon, California. They used House of Kolors, Tangelo on the bottom portion and then used Pearl Beige on the top with a band of downdraft flames that were pinstriped by the steady hand of Denise Corbett from Modesto, California. Then the entire painted surface was buried in six coats of House of Kolors clear before it was cut, buffed, and polished to its glistening 50/50 appearance.