As he learned the hard way, shops don't always stick to the quoted price and after two years and pulling the truck from a couple of shops, Ray found one he could trust. On went the two-tone Yellow Blaze base with yellow pearl and white pearl paint scheme. The look is clean and yet very custom thanks to the extensive body mods.

The interior also proved troublesome as several shops tried hiking up their prices before delivering a quality product. Thankfully Ray is hardheaded and as he says, "At the end of the day I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like and I stubbornly wouldn't compromise on any of the details." Inside the F-100 is an interior with a smoothed custom dash, fabricated center console with hidden shifter, handbrake, and auxiliary switches. A billet steering wheel and simple gauges provide the dash layout while Honda Prelude seats were covered in white leather. Inside you won't find a radio, that way nothing can "interfere with the sound of the V-8." We like his style.

Listening to Ray, he said he would have done some things differently but "I don't regret the journey and the friends that I made along the way." We can respect that and without question we respect this awesome F-100 from down under.