With one look inside of the cab, it's apparent that Dave definitely has a deep-rooted appreciation for clean, custom styling. The smoothed and painted fiberglass dash and custom center console are all awesome spectacles and the bald floor is a truly unique touch. The revitalized '67 Ford Mustang fastback seats now sport fresh black leather and grey suede--a nice offset to the lively paint. The B.A.D. steering wheel sits front and center toward the driver seat and radiates a bit more attitude to the already loud and proud interior. A Pioneer head unit is the main hub, which connects the two Audiobahn 600-watt amps, two 10-inch subs, and 6-inch mids to Dave's fingertips.

Although an estimated total of 6,000 hours have gone into building the Ranger, the final push to get everything bolted together was a major test of David's willpower and faith. With his truck and his sanity safely intact, there is nothing else left to do but celebrate the achievement and possibly contemplate the next project vehicle. Don't worry David, we won't be knocking on your door for another ten days--you have plenty of time to cook up something equally spectacular! A special thank you goes out to David's patient girlfriend, his parents, and all of his friends that helped turn his vision into a tangible reality.