Out back, Jason went to work designing and building the rear suspension incorporating a three-link with a triangulated upper link. The rear driveshaft was extended 14 inches and balanced thanks to Columbus Joint and Clutch in Columbus, Ohio. Even with the huge lift, 4WD can still be confidently used. Before calling the suspension complete, Kat Kustoms tapped into the factory steering box and plumbed it for easy-to-handle hydraulic steering. With each piece fitted, the entire assembly was torn down and sent out for orange and silver powder coating or chroming by Quality Custom Polishing in Dayton, Ohio. Seeing this time as the perfect opportunity to perform some frame touch-up, Kay Kustoms filled each hole in the frame, smoothed the entire assembly and painted the frame with DuPont Hot Hues.

Having the cab off of the frame served another purpose, the truck could easily be painted to match the blue frame and orange subframe. Jonathan's biggest problem wasn't finding a shop that said they could do it, it was finding a shop who actually followed through with what they said they would do. After three different painters and almost a year in the making, the paint was finished. Wanting an aggressive paint scheme, Jonathan looked to his wife, Tanya for ideas and she devised the two-tone with tribal graphic. Up top, DuPont Hot Hues orange is split by Hot Hues True Blue and the bottom half received Hot Hues Cosmic Dust Silver.

The list of modifications are extensive, Jonathan couldn't leave the 6.0L Power Stroke diesel alone and quickly upgraded the core areas. An aFe stage-2 intake was bolted into place, as was an MBRP 4-inch Pro Series Cool Duals exhaust system with optional muffler delete. Controlling all of the power is an SCT X3 engine programmer with custom software. Keeping things together are ARP bolts used throughout and for the cylinder heads.

Other additions to the body included Road Armor bumpers with a Ramsey winch up front, an '06 Harley Davidson edition grille shell and '06 headlights, a steel Reflexxion cowl hood, and SnugTop tonneau cover. Rolling around in style was fun and Jonathan did quite well at shows, but his interior was stock and he knew to fit the BIG theme of his Ford, he'd have to go all-out inside as well.