Yes, Randy built this ride to be driven. He has already put over 12,000 miles on the odometer in a year and a half. He attends as many shows as possible including NSRA, Goodguys, ISCA, and local runs and cruises. Randy's truck was awarded PPG's outstanding use of color award at the '07 NSRA Street Rod Nats.

Randy's "Friday night build" was all about sharing the journey with his gearhead buddies. Randy's wife, Brenda, was very understanding and patient while putting up with Randy and his buddies each and every Friday night during the build. After Price-Less was completed, Randy promised Brenda he would remodel the kitchen. That was three hot rods ago. Guess what Randy's current project is? Instead of being bent over a fender adjusting a carburetor, he is bent over a counter installing a new kitchen sink.