Tim Blevins accomplished the creative bodywork. The profile was altered by lowering the cab's roof line four inches and the hood was pie-cut 11/2 inches in the front to achieve the sloped nose. Due to the four-inch chop of the roof, it laid the windshield A-pillar back 12-degrees. A Bitchin' Products smoothed firewall was fused into the cab, along with a Bitchin' Products floorpan. To continue the smooth look, Tim shaved, filled, and smoothed the door handles. A pair of frenched Hagen crystalline headlights flanked the blackened grille. The taillights were borrowed from a '39 Ford pickup. A 15-gallon Summit Racing fuel cell was located in between the framerails behind the Ford 9-inch rearend. The bed features a pair of unique wheel tubs. Tim used a pair of '52 Chevy pickup rear fenders that were cut just above the wheel openings, then laid flat in the bed-very cool. A chromed Mooneyes fuel tank was mounted in front of the black grille to be used as a radiator overflow tank. After the '52's skin was massaged, smoothed and prepped, it was sprayed with PPG Black with a tint of PPG Dark Green for depth. A serious cut, buff and polish session created a deep black that reflects everything from miles away.

Dave told us he didn't even bother installing a sound system due to the fact you couldn't hear it. The only tunes Dave wants to listen is the thunderous cackling of his 980 hp.

Opening the doors reveals a custom red-leather bench seat, door panels, and cab rear panel. The stock painted dash was filled with Classic Engineering white-face gauges. The Flaming River steering column is capped with a Flaming River black leather wrapped steering wheel. A layer of Hush Mat sound deadening material was laid down before the red carpet and floor mounted billet aluminum B&M pistol grip ratchet shifter. This allows Dave to make those precise on-the-fly gear changes. The LoKar billet aluminum pedal assembly controls the '52's whoa and go. No doubt this is a fun ride to cruise up and down the boulevard in!