The deep blue paint isn't exclusive to the exterior, however, as Felix removed and sanded the dash bezel, A/C vents, door panels, and a few other parts to prep them for a shiny coat of DuPont goodness. The stock 60/40 seats were chopped into low back buckets and treated to tan tweed and leather inserts. Although the S-10 has a handsome interior, any respectable custom truck should have a deafening sound system to go along with it. Luckily, Felix understands this better than anybody. A Pioneer head unit controls the interior sounds. Kenwood supplies the mids and highs while Kicker subs handle the lower frequencies. Memphis Audio amplifiers were selected and wired up to the speakers for crisp and clear sounds that capture attention from around the corner.

Speaking of capturing attention, you may be wondering just what exactly is lurking underneath the S-10's hood. Friends, you are looking at a stock 2.2L, which isn't super quick by any stretch of the imagination, but it has been polished up nicely with a few performance goodies such as a K&N cold air intake, Flowmaster exhaust system, MSD ignition, and an Optima red top cell. This four-banger may not win too many races, but it sure is easy on the eyes!

With this his second S-series build (the first being a '92 S-10 Blazer), Felix made sure to take good notes and follow them meticulously. Being a truck club president, Felix felt it extremely important to lead by example and his Grounded crew must be proud to see his project finally completed. Felix would like to extend a special thanks to his wife, Grounded club brothers, Juan Martinez at MKW, Mario at Low Kustoms, and Insane Racing for all the support.