Many of the trucks we shoot have several facets covered in terms of custom suspension, paint, and interior work, and often times the best trucks offer a complete package that makes it hard to point out exactly what it was that first made you stop and take notice. With Dane Sloan's '03 Dodge, it's hard to say what grabs your attention first. Is it the fact that the rocker panels sit flat on the tarmac, or is it the sinister airbrushing?

Chassis by Aaron Iha in Covina, California, focused their suspension talents to get the Dodge ready for the 2006 SEMA show, and like most builds, there was a rush. To get the lowest stance possible, Aaron constructed a custom frame from 2x4-inch 1/4-inch-wall rectangular tubing and in doing so, body-dropped the Dodge over it. The unconventional frame lies below the rear axle rather than having a large notch. A cantilevered four-link with a Watts linkage allows the narrowed Dodge axle plenty of travel, while QA1 shocks dampen the Contitech 'bags. The front also uses Contitech 'bags and QA1 shocks, with stock spindles riding on custom A-arms. The 'bag system is plumbed with stainless steel hard lines and two Air Zenith compressors are on full display inside the bed. With the 4-inch narrower rear axle, the Ram was ready for Asanti AF131 forged 3-piece wheels, 24x10 inches in front and 26x10 inches in the back, that were given a black and white paint job to match what Dane had in mind for the paint.

Once Aaron was finished turning the bed into one seamless piece of flowing sheetmetal, the factory door handles were shaved and the bed was smoothed with a rollpan and tailgate handle flip kit. The Ram was now ready for the intense paintjob that was to follow. Cory St. Clair, of Art by Cory St. Clair, is responsible for laying down the nearly monotone Joker on each side of the Dodge. The maniacal face is both realistic and nightmarishly stylized, with ominous shading that makes each side a true work of art. The "smoke" that trails onto the white rear door and bed continues the other-worldly feel.