To complete his custom, Dane filled the interior with a powerful sound system complete with black leather and suede upholstery, a painted dash, and a fiberglass rear cab wall to house plenty of audio. Four Audiobahn 12-inch AWC12T subwoofers were mounted in the back wall that are powered by an Audiobahn A12005DN 1200-watt amp mounted on the custom fiberglass center console. The huge Audiobahn A6601T six-channel A/B MOSFET amp in the rear powers all of the Audiobahn separates mounted in the doors. Dane controls the audio from the driver seat via a Clarion VRX775VD source unit with a motorized 7-inch touch screen.

Everywhere you look on Dane's truck you'll see intense craftsmanship, inside or out. Knowing that the right stance, the right paint, and the right sound are a recipe for success, it's no wonder that this Ram has gathered a crowd at every show it attends.