Stillen is virtually a household name amongst performance truck enthusiasts who own Nissan trucks. It may surprise you then to see a Stillen Silverado built with performance and styling parts that offer both form and function. Even we were surprised to see the extensive list of bolt-on parts available for trucks of all makes and models. Stillen isn't just for Nissans anymore.

Stemming from a race heritage that began in 1969, Steve Millen, company President, demands parts that are sold with his name not only add performance, but will do so for years to come. He knows a little something about performance and endurance as he is touted as the "all-time most winning driver in IMSA GT history." It's this storied racing legacy that keeps Stillen's engineers working late hours to produce quality parts. Made in the USA, Stillen's parts are available for all manufacturers selling trucks. To showcase this ability to engineer, build, and sell quality parts, Stillen teamed with Chevrolet to create a show-quality performance Silverado.

Starting with a new '09 Chevy Silverado, Stillen created an aerodynamic body styling package to add rugged good looks and a shorter profile. Up front, a urethane bumper cover that could be an SS concept truck bumper was formed and secured in place. Urethane rocker panels were sculpted and added, as was a urethane roll pan. Looking at the black truck with off-the-shelf body components got the Stillen crew thinking a two-tone would really make the truck look aggressive. After contacting Theresa Contreras, of L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California, the green light was given to start on a classic and clean two-tone. BASF Refinishing R-M Carizzma Candy Red was applied over the base green gold and the result is a deep, lustrous red that must be seen to fully be appreciated. Finishing off the body mods was the installation of Street Scene Equipment's Speed Grilles in black chrome and a polished Bow Tie from All Sales. Giving the truck a futuristic appearance, Anzo USA halo headlights and LED taillights were also installed. Looking fast sitting still, the game plan at Stillen is never just for show, all of their rides must be able to go as well.

Under the painted hood lies a 5.3L V-8 equipped with Magnuson's new TVS 1900 supercharger that is capable of serious horsepower numbers. Tuned to a street-friendly 401 hp, as measured on the Stillen dyno, the Magna Charger huffer has no problem roasting the rear tires on command. Adding even more ponies to the equation is a stainless dual side exit exhaust system from MagnaFlow.