How good would a C10 look if it were completely shaved, including the driprails, and dropped onto the rockers over 24-inch billet wheels? That's the question that Ike (fill in the blank) had stewing in his brain before he tore into his square-body. Add some talented craftsmen, a full set of airbags, and countless hours spent shaping the sheetmetal and this smooth sculpture is what you'll get. After a few months of driving a gorgeous red truck, Ike decided that it needed something special, so a few licks of hot-rod style flames were masked on before being covered in tribal graphics. The multi-layered look is expertly drop shadowed and gives the illusion that the paint is several inches deep. The end.

Despite our best efforts to contact him, Ike never turned in a tech sheet on this truck. Rather than tossing the photos aside and chalking up the time we spent shooting it as a waste, we decided to run them anyway and take our best shot at writing the story with absolutely no information about it whatsoever. If you or someone you know didn't get credit that they were due with regards to this build, we apologize. We did our best.