Wheel selection is always vital to any custom build and when it came time to place an order for rollers, Khamla once again went away from the norm. Beautiful 26-inch Lexani CS-2 wheels in flat black were ordered and mounted inside 305/30R26 Hankook tires. The look is absolutely mean and perfectly complements the Titan's subtle and clean style. Having big wheels on each corner left Khamla with no choice but to upgrade the braking hardware and huge 16-inch Rotora big brakes with eight-piston aluminum calipers and stainless lines were added up front. Peering behind the Lexani wheels, the brakes add an element of performance many builders overlook. Speaking of performance, the 5.6L V-8 received a custom air intake, JBA black ceramic headers, and a JBA exhaust that was customized to run the entire length of the truck and exit out custom tips in the roll pan that Khamla fabbed up himself. How many custom 'bagged trucks have full-length exhaust systems? We haven't seen too many. Under the hood, an electric fan conversion found its way behind the radiator and a custom sheetmetal fan shroud was created, along with a sheetmetal engine cover that was painted to match. Paint was next on the to-do list, but before a drop could be applied, the guys at Kustomz Unlimited wanted to change a thing or two on the body.

Taking one glance at the Titan, you'll notice a frontend conversion. Chevy has Caddy clips, Ford has Navigator swaps, and now Nissan has an Infinity QX56 conversion. With the all-steel panels in place, Khamla cut fender vents into the front fenders and filled them with unique billet pieces. Once the QX56 front bumper and grille shell were mounted, the hood had to be extended to accommodate the custom billet grilles that were cut and fitted to the shells. To add an import look to the frontend, Khamla fabbed up a front aluminum chin splitter. The look is subtle and makes you do a double-take, a theme found throughout the build. Continuing the custom appeal, the rear Crew Cab doors received the suicide treatment and everything deemed not worthy was shaved off the Titan.

Often times, the truck's bed is shaved up and considered done, but Kustomz Unlimited opted to spend hundreds of hours perfecting a truly unique Titan bed. Starting with the gas filler door, it was relocated higher and modified with a Hagan's filler. A custom-built roll pan was welded in place to properly fit the exhaust tips and rather than just smooth out the tailgate, Khamla cut a notch out of the tailgate and capped off the inside cut areas. On top of the tailgate, a small spoiler was created and welded in place and then the inside of the tailgate received aluminum strips to add a look of elegance. Everything was ground smooth to perfection, including the bed caps, bed floor and walls, and custom wheeltubs with cut-outs. Style isn't typically a word associated with wheeltubs, but on this build, the amount of detail paid to every part is incredible.