Paint was an area of major concern for Kustomz Unlimited, as they did not have a paint booth in their shop and after spending so much time perfecting the body, the color and application process had to be spot-on. New Concepts in Plano, Texas, was the paint and body shop selected to add color to the Titan. There, PPG Global Lamborghini Nova Blue was applied to every nook and cranny of the truck. New Concepts also sprayed the black stripe on the hood and pinstriped it in red. A black stripe is a simple addition and that is exactly what Khamla was going for. This wild ride was laid out, painted, and sporting big wheels, but as the shop's centerpiece of customization, Kustomz Unlimited decided to do a little something inside the four doors as well.

Hitting the remote and opening the doors reveals an interior that makes everyone say "Wow." Yanking the dash out, it was smoothed and painted, but not before receiving a custom triple-pod housing made out of aluminum that contains KP Components air gauges. A Sparco quick-release steering wheel adds a look of performance, as does the racing seats that were covered in black vinyl and cobalt blue suede. A cobalt blue suede headliner, suede and vinyl-wrapped door panels, and black-vinyl-wrapped console keep the subtle theme alive and well. Magee's Upholstery in Garland is responsible for the stitch work. The handmade center console contains a 10-inch monitor, the air ride switch box, and a Playstation 3. Games, movies, and audio can all be played through the PS3 or the Valor double-din head unit in the dash. These modifications alone would be enough to win a truck show or two, but Khamla wanted to leave jaws on the floor and opted to go big.

Removing the rear Crew Cab seats, Kustomz Unlimited filled the large space with a huge sub box and amp rack combo. MTX was the audio supplier of choice and if you dare sit in the passenger seat, don't say we didn't warn you. Four 12-inch 9500-series MTX subs pound anyone into submission and are powered by four MTX Elite 1501D amps. With enough power to sustain 4,000 watts RMS, the Titan is a rolling bass concert. Two more MTX amps, Elite 1004s, were also mounted to the slope-shaped amp rack and power the MTX TXC 6.1, 5.1, and 4.1 components found in each door. More than 150 blue LEDs were wired and installed throughout the sub/amp enclosure and provide a colorful nighttime show. Streetwires audio cables were used for each speaker, amp, and battery. In case the need arises to watch movies, a 7-inch monitor was installed in the dash to complement the 10-inch in the console, and a 5-inch screen was placed in each seat's headrest, just for show. Powering all of this audio and video mayhem are three Kinetik power cells.

Since the first wrench was turned, it took Khamla and Kase more than 3,000 man-hours to complete the Titan. With that much time and money invested, it's no wonder why every area of the truck was customized. After the photo shoot, we sat down and had some Texas BBQ. Talking only about custom trucks, shops, the scene, and even magazines, it was clear to us that Khamla loves his job of customizing rides. When you can't shut off the creative side of your brain, building an be the outlet needed just to survive. He will never be satisfied with simply working hard, because that isn't an option. What drives the world of custom is the endless pursuit of perfection.