Baking in the Phoenix sunshine, Justin's GMC now needed sit nice and low. For this remedy, the Sierra was trailered back to Insane Kustoms where welders and grinders were given a litmus test. Up front, custom control arms by Foudrell Racing, in Phoenix, were bolted on, Firestone 'bags added, and McGaughy's 2-inch drop spindles installed. This combo had the frontend slammed but out back would require extra work. After welding in a large KP Components step notch, a KP six-link was bolted in place and Firestone 'bags added. All it took now was one quick depression of the air switch and the GMC laid frame. Knowing he had to go big, Justin ordered a set of chrome 26-inch Mazzi Krank wheels and then immediately sent them out to be powdercoated black. Wheels in hand, Insane Kustoms wrapped them in Kumho 305/30R26 tires. Stopping all of that mass are 14-inch Baer brakes on each corner. The aluminum calipers were painted to match. It was official, Justin had himself a ground-scraping truck that tucked 26s and turned heads with its gold paint. What wasn't official was how he'd make the interior match all of the other custom work. For that, he headed to AutoStlye, in Peoria, Arizona .

While in the creative hands of AutoStlye, Tim Keen and Ryan McCommas used wood and fiberglass to build a T-Bird-inspired dash and huge-by-huge rear subwoofer enclosure. Housed in the massive enclosure are four 12-inch Hertz subs powered by two Audison amps. Custom door panels were also fabricated and house Hertz 61/2-inch and 8-inch components that match the custom kick panels filled with 8-inch Hertz speakers. Audison amps were also used to power those speakers. Cardenal Car Stereo in Glendale, Arizona, wired the setup. Two 8-inch monitors were mounted to each side of the dash and an Eclipse head unit controls the audio mayhem. AutoStyle also added 7-inch monitors to the factory mirrors with mini cameras that display the blind spots on the screens- a sick touch that you don't see everyday. Providing the engine vitals are a classic set of Autometer gauges placed in the center of the dash and each directional input is done courtesy of a Colorado Custom billet steering wheel. With the center console and the rest of the interior finished, Lucky painted them and then had Matt Andrews step in and airbrush them with matching menacing clowns. Completing the interior, Bell Auto Upholstery, in Phoenix, reworked the '02 Chevy seats, wrapped them in black leather, and installed a ragtop from Winning several Best Interior awards, the cabin is just as wild as the rest of truck. Wanting to ensure his truck was never over-looked, a trip to the go-fast store was added to his custom truck agenda.