Dropping the truck off to Always Hot Rod, in Phoenix, Justin purchased a Chevy LS2 and went a little horsepower-happy with the checklist. In went a custom-ground Comp Cams camshaft, roller rockers, FAST LSX intake, JBA headers, MSD digital ignition, and to keep the wiring simple, a Painless harness and computer were ordered. Dress-up items include March pulleys, a chrome alternator, slick chrome filter, chromed brake booster and master cylinder, and a custom intake cover that was painted to match. One flick of the starter switch and the LS2 rumbles to life invoking onlookers to do double-takes. It's not too often a late-model truck sounds like a muscle car when it fires up.

After two-years and countless hours of tearing things apart, Justin's GMC was fully assembled and ready to make its cover debut. His first question to us was "what do you think?" Shaking our heads, all we could say was how impressed we were and how insane the truck looked. Fitting, considering the man already admitted to losing his mind.

No truck project is a solo affair, and Justin is quick to thank Lucky and his team, Rob Coniam, D.W., Chad from ragtops-online.com, Big John, and especially his family. For more photos and video check out truckinweb.com.