While there is plenty of green on the Nissan's exterior, there is a helping of it inside the cab as well. A few dash, center console, and door trim pieces were pulled and painted and the front and rear seats were covered in Roadwire's King Ranch brown leather. For better sounds, a Clarion receiver controls the two RF amplifiers that power two 10-inch Rockford Fosgate subs in a suede-wrapped sub box on the back seat. Seven-inch headrest monitors have been implanted to the back of the driver and passenger seats in order to provide entertainment for the rear passengers who already find themselves traveling in luxury.

Whether being inside the cab or out, Dennis is completely satisfied with the outcome of Muscle Road's in-house SEMA build. The Frontier materialized relatively quickly and came out even better than they had anticipated. The results just go to show that any late-model truck can be molded into a showpiece--even without drop-in-cart parts.