Les was a drag racer for a number of years competing in the NHRA northwest region Division 6. He drove a '68 Camaro super stock in the GTE class and he captured a couple of division championships. Les had his drag racing engine builder, Rod Stultz, from Marysville, Washington, build the engine for his Cameo. Rod used a Chevrolet 400ci small-block that was cleaned and machined and bored .030 over to 406ci. A pair of aluminum RHS Pro 23-degree cylinder heads were ported, polished and fitted with 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves. The heads were outfitted with Crower 1.7 rocker arms and Isky valve springs and keepers. A set of Comp Cams lifters and pushrods link the Comp Cams camshaft and rocker assembly. A set of Crower six-inch connecting rods were bolted to the Crower 4340 forged-steel crankshaft and to eliminate harmonics, an ATI dampener was secured at the end of the crank. A set of J&E 8:5.1 pistons were wrapped with J&E rings. A Comp Cams CS 300 BR-14 mechanical camshaft with 0.575 inches lift and 114-degree lobe center was inserted to the camshaft bores. A Billet Fab nine-quart oil pan was used to supply plenty of oil to lube the 406ci internal components. An Aeromotive 1000 fuel pump feeds the ProCharger P-1SC intercooled gear driven supercharger that force-feeds a cooler denser fuel/air mixture to the 60lb-hr injectors. An Arizona Marine modified Ram Jet intake manifold and the RHS Pro aluminum cylinder heads are able to create 17 psi of boost. Stan's Headers in Auburn, Washington, bent up a set of stepped 1 3/4-inch to 1 7/8-inch equal-length custom stainless steel, ceramic coated, headers that collect into a three-inch exhaust, and flow into a pair of three-inch dual-chamber Flowmaster mufflers. An Accel 300 ignition system with an HEI super coil supply a powerful charge to an Accel HEI distributor through a set of Accel 300 racing ignition wires that deliver high-electro energy to the spark plugs.

After the engine's completion, Les and Sean dropped the engine between the framerails and installed the computer. The truck was then trailered to Craig Blood Enterprises in Tacoma, Washington, where it was given its fine tune via computer programming. The gears are shifted with a Tilton pedal assembly and a Tilton clutch master cylinder to engage the Richmond six-speed manual transmission with a McLeod clutch. A Long shift kit was installed to create more aggressive shifts. An Inland Empire aluminum driveshaft connected the 700 hp to a narrowed bulletproof Ford 9-inch rearend with 4.11 Strange gears. A Strange posi unit with Strange 31-splined axles instantly spin the rear wheels in harmony. A red top Optima battery was located underneath the passenger floor for starting duties.