To provide a central location for the rest of the audio/video additions, Chris built a new center console that holds a 12-inch Directed monitor and a smaller monitor for the Harman Kardon Guide and Play portable GPS 810 navigation as well as the Harman Kardon Drive and Play iPod interface. The dash was modified to accept the new 7-inch Directed monitor and the Pioneer DEHP8MP head unit, as well as the Panasonic DVD player, now located where the passenger airbag used to be. Above the dash, gauges for the air suspension reside in a custom housing that Chris created, using an aftermarket A-pillar gauge enclosure. The seats were reupholstered in Katzkin gray leather with dark gray suede inserts. Suede headliner and carpet, along with custom paint accents on the new fiberglass pieces, completed the interior.

Although the build took longer than anticipated, the results were worth it. The 20-month project was completed just two days before our photo shoot at the Perry, Georgia, Blood Drag show where Chris captured the Best Audio/Visual trophy. Future plans include an equal measure of driving his new custom Expedition and parking his dynamic demo vehicle out front in the hopes of reestablishing an old favorite stereo shop tradition--his own personal traffic jam!

Once suspension and bodywork was complete, the next priority was Chris' specialty--the elaborate audio/video system inside. The first step was insulating the truck with Dynamat, followed by creating the 20 individual fiberglass pieces and the steel framework that made up the system. Loaded with carefully arranged components, the rear hatch became the stereo focal point of the truck. Four 15-inch JBL subs in a custom enclosure guarantee plenty of bass, energized by the large JBL Crown GTIA3000 amp in the center. The pair of smaller, motorized JBL P300.4 amps power the twenty mids and highs positioned throughout the cab. Just for fun at shows, a pair of 7-inch Directed monitors respond to both the DVD player and rearview camera. Looking at the hatch from inside shows even more intricate detail, beginning with the welded steel rack that holds five Stinger 1-farad capacitors running the width of the truck. The twin Audio Control 30-band mono equalizers are visible when the rear seats are folded down and they're used to perfectly tune the audio to Chris' delight. All four doors were outfitted with JBL MKII 6.5 and 5.25-inch component sets in custom fiberglass enclosures that rounded out the front stage.