Three years ago, Paul Martinez, of Azusa, California, delivered a truck to a builder. Sounds simple enough. The truck was in pieces, basically hacked up, with more wiring than Radio Shack and bodywork that was far from finished. One goal was requested--build a Chevy that was far from average. For this builder, average is never an option and with an exchange of money, the '01 Chevy Silverado was underway. No one could have predicted how this Bow Tie would look after the dust settled, well, maybe one person had a good idea. Aaron Iha, of Chassis by Aaron Iha, was in charge of this project.

With a bevy of cover trucks under his belt, Chassis by Aaron Iha is no stranger to raising the custom truck bar and for Paul Martinez, his Chevy needed the kind of close attention paid to it that many shops cannot execute. Paul is a longshoreman in Long Beach and he understands how working hard can pay dividends. Phase one of the project saw the body completely lifted off the frame and the remnants of the chassis discarded. After spending hours behind his computer designing a new chassis for the Silverado, Aaron busted out the welders and got his crew, Ben and Dale, busy working on the frame. In order to keep the cab floor in perfect condition, the guys used four long pieces of 3x3-inch -inch wall tubing from the firewall back. Up front, 2x3-inch tubing was fabbed up and tabs created to mount the custom upper and lower A-arms, which utilize Uniballs for maximum performance. Extra-large four-ply Contitech 2,800lb airbags were installed and eliminated the need for light-duty shocks. A full 1 3/4-inch DOM tube backhalf was created and, due to Aaron's bed design, a custom forward parallel four-link was created. Though simple in theory, this four-link is not perfectly parallel to keep the driveshaft angle within spec when the axle articulates.

Behind the four-link, a trick cantilever setup was built using mild steel plate, 2,800lb Contitech airbags, and dual Fox Racing shocks that received the chrome treatment. With travel set to 12 inches, the rear has huge lift and can go from on the ground to ride height with the depression of the air ride switch. Aiding in handling performance, large stabilizer bars run diagonally with the rearend and keep body roll to a minimum. Each stainless air line runs to an ASCO valve manifold and the Contitech airbags were supplied by Mac's Springs. A quick trip to the chrome shop and powdercoat facility saw the frame and suspension go from bare metal to show-winning metal sculpture. Designed to lay the Extended Cab body on the ground, the chassis is truly a one-of-a-kind setup and easily tucks the 24-inch wheels. Speaking of wheels, the beautiful chrome hoops are Lexani Dial sized 24x10 inches. Providing both the contact patch and wheel protection, 275/30R24 Hankook Ventus V4ES tires were mounted to each wheel. Stopping power comes from three-piston SSBC brake calipers that squeeze 14-inch cross-drilled SSBC rotors. Engineered using quality components, Paul's Chevy was now ready to cruise, but the body was in rough condition--though not for long.