It may surprise you to find out that this truck is completely smog legal, a feat that Chassis by Aaron takes pride in. Despite the rocker hugging stance, new suspension, and custom firewall, the Chevy passes all smog testing. Edelbrock 50-state legal headers were bolted on and a Magnaflow exhaust added for some street rod rumble. Other than those mild performance enhancements, the engine was left alone--sort of. You see, if a part could be removed and chromed or polished, it was. Many pieces were also painted to match the orange and Aaron even found time to fabricate custom inner fenders out of aluminum.

This truck took more than three years to perfect and now that the truck has won several Best of Show awards, Paul can drive it with pride. Another area of pride in his life is his wife, Jennifer, and he wanted to make sure we thanked her for all of her support and understanding. It started out as a simple request to build a nice truck and after a complete transformation from top to bottom, Paul has a Chevy that is far from average.