There weren't any options that our F-250 was missing, and some that we'd be lost without, as both the power-folding mirrors and rearview camera made parking the big truck simple. Speaking of the mirrors, we didn't get to test out their power-telescoping feature while towing a trailer, but in fluid highway traffic it gave us the confidence to change lanes knowing no cars or motorcycles were hiding in our blind spots since the mirrors eliminated them. The blind spots, not the motorists, that is. The final interior option that came with our Cabela's package was an under-seat gun case that is lockable via the ignition key. The case hides away inconspicuously under the rear seats and has three levered latches in addition to a locking mechanism on each end. It's large enough for a single scoped hunting rifle or two shotguns if you nest them just right.

Including the diesel option ($6,900), the automatic ($1,500), the wheel package ($1,720), Sync ($1,900), and the Cabela's options ($5,400), our FX4 F-250 that started at $38,500 quickly climbed in price. Several people flinched when they heard the price, but after riding in it, or better yet, driving it, they usually shrugged and admitted that you do get your money's worth in this truck.

2009 Ford F-250 FX4
Cabela's Edition

Price (as tested) $60,035
Engine 6.4L V-8 OHV four-valve diesel
Horsepower 350 @ 3,000 rpm SAE
Torque (lb-ft) 650 @ 2,000 rpm SAE
Transmission Five-speed automatic with tow/haul mode
Axle Ratio 3.73
Suspension Solid-axle with coils and stabilizer bar (f), Solid axle with leaf springs(r)
Brakes Four-wheel disc, four-wheel ABS, traction control, stability control
Wheelbase 159 inches
Seating 2/3
MPG 13.9 (as tested)