Eli Barro, owner of Air Concepts, in Ceres, California, first laid eyes on this '05 GMC Sierra while picking up some parts for a job from KP Components in Hilmar, California. The truck was sitting underneath a few layers of dust and was tucked way back behind KP's parking lot. At this point, the only question on Eli's mind was if the truck was for sale. Upon further investigation, Eli learned that the Sierra was part of a trade for another vehicle so he offered the owner a fair but somewhat low cash offer, which was gladly accepted without much hesitation. The truck was already 'bagged but the pumps were burnt and the rolling stock consisted of mismatched OE wheels, but none of that phased Eli one bit because he saw past the truck's flaws and focused only on its possibilities. Since the truck was inoperable, Eli ran to his shop and grabbed enough tools to hook up a Nitrogen bottle, which got the handicapped airbagged hauler home.

With a few slight repairs out of the way, Eli had a drivable custom truck that he only planned to make as his mildly modified shop vehicle. This far into the story-six weeks to be exact, one would be quick to believe that Eli's adventure was just about to end on a high note. Well, if it wasn't for the guy who smacked into the back of the truck while Eli was headed out to grab some lunch, it may have. Owning a custom truck shop must be an awesome advantage over us everyday truck fans, since Eli's insurance cut him a check to heal the truck's fresh wounds. With the Sierra's bed sitting on the sidelines, the rear suspension was assessed for damage but the only thing that needed fixing was an accident that occurred prior to the crash. Eli noticed that whoever notched the truck's frame must have done so with a blindfold and maybe a day or two of welding experience at best. All hope wasn't lost, however, since there was a KP six-link already resting in place. After a couple of days at Air Concepts, the GMC was going up and down with no problem and the truck was equipped with a KP Watts-link and new airlines.

Since the suspension wasn't too far gone, Eli spent some much needed time on the Sierra's beaten physical appearance. The damage that was caused from the collision was cured and all the handles were shaved, as were the rear bumper and taillights, which were replaced by a pair of AVS Cadillac DeVille LED replacement lamps. Eli then called on his good friend, Richard Galindo, to finish up the remaining minor bodywork and they worked up a paint scheme that would cover up the dull, all-white color. Two sets of vibrant flames were laid down over the metal canvas. The final touches were completed the night before the Reso '07 show as Eli and a few friends wet-sanded and buffed the truck for its grand unveiling.