Although the interior wasn't quite complete in '07, Eli made sure that it was a wrap before the last Reso show in '08. A few interior pieces were pulled and painted an electric shade of green that was good enough to influence the color of the suede-wrapped seats. Audio Pros, in Modesto, created custom kick panels and a center console to further push the radical interior styling. Zapco tweeters and midrange speakers along with 12-inch Kicker subs were wired to Zapco amps. A set of Nu Image gauges and billet accessories were added to the list of in-cab accessories and come together to create a wild interior space to match the exterior demeanor.

Since the rest of Eli's GMC was showing exciting signs of life, he decided not to gloss over performance upgrades in the way of a cool air intake, throttle-body spacer, a less-restrictive exhaust system, and a power programmer to manage the extra ponies. Eli didn't need to gain anymore attention from his all-night draggin' exhibitions, but with a gnarly V-8 rumble, the Sierra can't help but turn more heads.

Eli managed to raise his underdog GMC from the ashes and create an all-around custom that overcame the odds that were stacked against its survival. Without the knowledge and support from his father, who taught him the trade of metal fabrication, building such a truck would have been out of reach. Since '99, Eli and Air Concepts have been 'bagging, dragging, and body dropping trucks with the best of them and he plans on taking his skills to higher levels in the future. Eli would like to extend much-deserved thanks to Acrophopia, Richard Galindo, Anthony and Clint from KP, Kris and Nick from AVS, Frank at Nu Image, Rob at Line-X, Robert from Zapco, Eddie at Audio Pros, and his friends and family for the never-ending encouragement that he thrived on along the way.