Thus far, Auto Extremes had outdone themselves on this '05 Chevy, but the body remained unfinished and a long list of body mods was sure to keep them busy. Brian and Robert started the bodywork by first shaving the door handles, bolt holes in the doorjambs, bed caps, gas door, taillights, and tailgate. Next up, a custom sheetmetal bed was fabricated, the gas door molded inside the bed, and a motorized license plate installed in the bulkhead. A 53-inch tri-color AVS LED strip was flushed into the tailgate and a slim LED was placed where the third brake light once resided. CCS Customs, also in Conyers, provided the expertise to apply a custom paint scheme to make this Chevy a top-notch build. With the body prepped, CCS Custom's owner, Darren Fairey, worked with Tyler, and Adam to apply the two-tone using House of Kolor True Blue and Kandy Red. Intricate flames were masked off and sprayed in beautiful PPG silver and then Hot-Rod Walt stepped in and pinstriped each lick to perfection with PPG yellow and orange. The look is timeless and perfectly goes with the hot-rod yet clean look Brian was going for. Walt also applied his talent to the inner fenders, center console, and inside the bed. Final assembly included the addition of a Street Scene SS bumper cover, Trenz billet grille, and Brian cleared the factory headlights for a trick appearance.

Driving his truck to and from every show, if you're in the Southeast, you'll probably see Brian draggin' the truck at a moment's notice. His "thank you" list was quite long, but we felt convicted to oblige his humility. Brian wanted to thank Robert and Dennis at Auto Extremes, Weezal, Darren at CCS, Adam, Eric, Tommy, Bubba, Jason at B.A.D., Mike at Frontier Wheels, Ron at DB, Karen at East Atlanta Embroidery, Curry Honda, his buddies in Negative Camber, his family, and most of all, his wife Karen. "There is no one that worked on this project that I would not consider a good friend", Brian said. With a truck this nice, good friends who love to wrench, and a loving wife, Brian is most-certainly a blessed man.