Keeping Spidey's favorite theme music playing, Audio Worx, in Houston, went absolutely crazy inside the Ford's four doors. In the factory head unit location, the Audio Worx team added a Kenwood KNA-DDX6019 double-din DVD/navigation unit, which in turn, sends signals to three huge Memphis Audio amps. Receiving most of that juice, three Memphis Audio 12-inch subs were mounted in a custom-built rear center console. Each door panel now houses two sets of Memphis 61/2-inch components with custom spiderweb backlit graphics. Audio Worx also built the wild front center console containing futuristic armrest and a realistic Spider-Man mask looking up at the occupants. Four captain's chairs received grey leather and blue suede with red French stitching, as did each door panel, and each pillar.

Showcasing their stichwork, Audio Worx created a beautiful web-designed headliner out of navy blue suede and then artfully used fiberglass and LED lighting to build a web-inspired amp rack. The look is jaw-dropping and never ceases to make people point up towards the sky to take a second look. Keeping the entertainment at a party level, a 13-inch monitor was added for the rear passengers and four 7-inch screens added to the front of the headliner for movies and to allow Omar to view the front-mounted cameras so he doesn't run anyone or anything over.

In a matter of just seven months, Omar's Ford went from cool idea to a rolling brute of artwork. If you see a masked man riding around in a truck that happens to be more than four feet off the ground, don't worry, it's just Spidey out for an evening cruise before he saves the day.