Inside the Tahoe is upscale luxury, with smoothed and painted plastics, suede inserts, and audio from Pioneer and Rockford Fosgate. The candy red painted plastics gleam from the dash and center console, which also doubles as a cooler for road trip beverages. Things really get interesting behind the C-pillar, where David Falks turned the cargo area into a cave bristling with subwoofers. Eight 12-inch T212D2 Rockford Fosgate subwoofers are mounted in an MDF enclosure above the raised rear floor. Opening the rear hatch exposes the four T-1500-1bd amps that pump out 6,000 watts for the subwoofers and both T-600-4 amps that power the midrange speakers in the front and rear doors and kick panels. Four 2,000-watt Kinetik batteries hold the reserve power just in case Ricky feels the need to really crank the bass.

There you have it, Ekstensive just proved that with the right combination of suspension know-how and the right tools, there's no limit to what you can create. When was the last time you saw 28-inch wheels on an SUV that wasn't an H2? Ricky's new ride has got the look and the sound, with no compromises when it comes to driveablity— we told you anything's possible.