With the exterior looking great, Andy moved inside of the cab with hopes of attempting to create an environment that was equally cool and smooth. A set of ’99 Tahoe bucket seats were wrapped in black leather and dark grey pigskin by Jeremy Donkersley. Even the dash was shaved of all controls, which all have been relocated to the roof console, before being completely engulfed in leather. Replacing the factory dash cupholders is a custom airbag switch box to keep things clean and stealthy. A wheel-matching B.A.D. billet steering wheel and Bentley style charcoal carpet have also been incorporated into the cockpit space, but the real attention-getter is the custom center console. The sleek console stretches from the rear of the cab all the way to the to the dash and features truly unique, full-length LED accent lighting. The lights illuminate the row of JL amplifiers that pave the console’s base area. House of Sound, Andy’s one-stop audio shop in Phoenix, is responsible for the creation and Steve Yiu and Rob Donnelly fabricated the huge fiberglass enclosure that has consumed the rear of the cab. Four 13½-inch JL Audio W3v3 subs have been sunk into the enclosure for earth shaking bass and three pairs of Alumapro 6½-inch components provide enough mid and high audio frequencies to perfectly hear every audio note. A Pioneer receiver and an Audio Control equalizer help fine-tune the sounds from each and every speaker.

As anyone can clearly see, Andy sidestepped all shortcuts while building his top-shelf Chevy and surrounded himself with a talented group of close-knit friends. Andy would like to thank Alumapro, Bonspeed, Gardner-Westcott, Sir Michaels, SSBC, Stinger, Trenz, Pirelli Tires, and Airaid for their support and everyone who played a part in the truck’s evolution. Jeremy and Mark would have been proud to see the truck take home the gold at its grand unveiling.