Piecing a project vehicle together is a satisfying experience, but even more so when quality wrenching time is spent with loved ones during the course of the build. Pete Shadoan, along with his son, Jason, spent six months in the garage together as they transformed their '49 Chevy 3100 pickup into an admirable work of art.

Pete and Jason hail from Sumter, South Carolina, where Shadoan's Auto Glass and Upholstery is a staple location in the local custom scene. It's at the family shop where the '49 received the majority of its renovation work. A friend of the father and son duo, Dave Burke, the original owner, lent a hand in the Chevy's buildup by first preparing the suspension's foundation. Dave bolted on a set of Belltech 3-inch drop spindles, 2,600-pound Slam Specialties airbags, and even concocted a one-off two-link setup for the rear. AIM Industries' 3/8-inch valves were incorporated into the air plumbing system, and to top the rolling chassis off just right, a set of 22-inch Coy's wheels wrapped in 255/30R22 Pirelli tires were mounted and bolted up.

With the frame laying low and looking great, the father and son duo longed to see the '49's 22-inch wheel and tire combo roasting the pavement, so they locked down a '79 350ci Corvette powerplant. Of course, a few more engine modifications were in order and the crew at Performance Plus, also in Sumter, beefed up the transplant with authority. A Holly carburetor, Edelbrock intake, a Comp camshaft, Hooker headers, and a Flowmaster exhaust system worked well at extracting an optimum amount of brute force from the already muscular motor. When all was said and done under the hood, the classic hauler is now capable of putting out a maximum 325 hp, which is definitely a welcomed dose of rubber-burning power.

Aside from shaving the door handles, Pete and Jason kept the Classic Chevy's shell relatively clean with only the necessary bodywork taking center stage. Dave Burke once again lent his skilled assistance to the betterment of the 3100's reincarnation and massaged the truck's metal back to health. Once the 3100's surface was smoothed and ready for its next stage, Michael Poole and Chris Seale, of FIC Customs, sprayed a vibrant mixture of '07 Chrysler and Suzuki orange hues, that seemingly leap from every inch of the Chevy's sheetmetal. A lighter layer of orange adorns the top portion of the cab and hood and is broken up by very subtle beach-inspired graphics, courtesy of Billy Parker, that add just the right amount of tasteful attitude.