The exhaust side of the engine is handled by Dynatech ceramic-coated long-tube headers that flow into a custom MagnaFlow exhaust plumbed with two Doug's stainless E-cutouts that are electronically controlled from the driver seat. Dave's truck sounds angry as it is, but when the cutouts are opened it sounds like a huge-cammed muscle car. Open or closed, there's no way Dave's fooling anyone into taking this truck for granted.

To ensure that his drivetrain doesn't shatter from all of the power, Performabuilt Transmission assembled a 4L80e heavy-duty transmission with billet and hardened components that are able to withstand abuse. In fact, the transmission is rated at 1,500 hp. A hand TIG-welded Circle D billet pro series stage III torque converter links the transmission to the engine with a Meziere one-piece flexplate, and a built-14-bolt sends the power to the ground with help from a set of Caltrac traction bars.

After the typical last-minute build issues popped up, Dave had the truck running the weekend before the cover shoot and dyno tested the morning and afternoon of the shoot. With just a few hours in tuning the truck was making over 60 0hp at the wheel and is due for more tuning so the engine can reach its full potential of around 1,000 hp. Check out for the full dyno numbers.

When we asked Dave if he had anything to add to the article he wanted to make sure that we thanked everyone for him. So, aside from those that have already been mentioned, and in no particular order: Alexandra, Dave's wife, was very supportive throughout the build, even though he didn't paint the truck pink. Simon Gale, Brian Zacuto, Julien Maurel, Jesse Powell, Mark Helmandollar, Devin Lalande, Nick Plouffe, Jason Lasalle, and Joe Everett also pitched in with time, advice. He also wanted to mention that trucks, "come and go, but the knowledge, friendships, and the experience will last forever." Dave is already looking forward to his next truck-building adventure, and we hope we can bring you the tech and feature on that build as well.